Impactful People NW

Impactful People NW exists to create a hassle-free, no-membership-required space for professional women and men in Vancouver and Portland to network without obligations, forced presentations, or awkward sales pitches. With monthly social hours and quarterly conferences open to everyone, Impactful People NW needed the ability to connect with business professionals across the region with a simple and elegant website.

Impactful People NW approached Ichor in 2017 looking for help. By working together, we were able to create a consistent and cohesive website for Impactful People NW, which unified their brand and attracted new members and sponsors to join their community.

The Challenges

In 2017, Impactful People NW had a brand audit performed by a third party which outlined several issues with their current website. Primarily, the website lacked consistency. Several different fonts were used, there were spelling and grammatical errors, and informal language was used throughout. The site also used “Impactful People NW” and “Impactful Women NW” to refer to itself. Most importantly, the website lacked purpose. The site had no call-to-action, which left the user feeling purposeless.

Impactful People NW had a well established community, but they needed a unified brand and professional website to take their organization to the next level.

Our Solution

Ichor was able to create a site that brought consistency, style, and purpose to the Impactful People NW brand. We reorganized the site and added a homepage where Impactful People NW could share its mission statement with visitors. Several call-to-action buttons helped guide users and brought purpose to the website. We used fonts, colors, and interesting shapes to give the website a consistent and professional appearance. We also replaced Google forms with custom forms to encourage visitors to participate and engage with the content.

The updated website presents a unified and professional Impactful People NW brand, which now asks visitors to take action by becoming members or sponsors of the Impactful People NW community.


What the Client Says  

Ichor Studios is an amazing local web and SEO company. I’ve worked with several local agencies and none of them can compare with Ichor’s response time, analytics, and ability to meet deadlines. The quality of work is very efficient and purposeful. I would highly recommend working with them if you value a strong work ethic, quality website work, and custom strategies. They are currently updating our Impactful People website and I can’t wait to see the results!!!

– Erika Laws, President of Impactful People NW

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