Lucas Cole Insurance Agency

Lucas Cole has 14 years of experience handling insurance claims, and as an adjuster, he’s seen it all: tornadoes in Alabama, hail in South Dakota, frozen pipes in Arizona, and hurricane damage in Louisiana. Years of experience and professional training have earned him sound insurance judgment that creates solutions for specific circumstances.

The Challenges

Lucas needed assistance making his business stand out and connected with Ichor Studios through the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. He wanted his customers to be able to connect with his experience and expertise, and needed a branding suite that would accomplish this. Lucas was looking for a logo and print design that was simple and timeless, and a website that would inspire confidence among potential new clients.

Our Solution

Our expert designers worked with Lucas to find inspiration in his background and experience and created a logo that was simple and timeless. The logo uses warm colors and shapes that evoke feelings of trust and home. We carried this unique brand story over to his letterhead, business cards, and logo. Overall, the design success came through our close working relationship with Lucas

What the Client Says

I highly recommend Jennifer Qian and her team at Ichor Studios. She took the time to understand my business and to listen to the ideas I had for the site. The communication during the process of developing materials was top notch. No question went unanswered and when it could not be answered right away, Jennifer was sure to come back with a well-thought response. If you’re looking for a company that will put your organization first, do what they say they are going to do, and exceed expectations. Jennifer and Ichor Studios are that company!
– Lucas Cole, CEO of Lucas Cole Insurance Agency

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