Miranda L’s Oysters

Located in Shelton, Washington, Miranda L’s Oysters has been a family-run shellfish farm since 2006. They have 9 farms across Shelton which consist of traditional beach-grown farms and tumble farms where they grow a variety of oysters including pacific oysters, miyagi oysters, and tumble farmed oysters.

Miranda L’s Oysters needed a corporate identity that reflected the freshness and abundance of the Pacific Northwest. We put together a branding suite that helped customers connect with the quality of Miranda L’s Oysters’ products.

The Challenges

Miranda L’s Oysters relies on the richness of the fresh, clean water of the Oakland Bay and desired a brand refresh with a uniquely Pacific Northwest feel. Ichor designed a simple landing page that allowed visitors to learn more about their business and where to buy wholesale oysters and clams. 

Videos were important to Miranda L’s Oysters and they wanted Ichor to showcase the entire farm with a short, branded video. Given that the farm is just a few hours away, we decided to visit the site in person to collect all necessary digital assets.

Our Solution

Our design team worked with Miranda L’s Oysters to create a brand that represented the freshness of their product. Using inspiration we found in the cold bay waters where Miranda L’s Oysters farm their oysters and clams, and the beauty and depth of the Pacific Northwest, we put together a highly successful logo for the brand. A light, colorful palette combined with a watercolor wash gave the design a very ocean-fresh feel. Overall, the design connects Miranda L’s Oysters’ customers to the the freshness and quality of their products.


Successful Design Brings Results.   

With a specially designed logo and website, Miranda L’s Oyster was able to grow and expand their facilities in Shelton, WA. Miranda tells us that with their new branding, they have since established a growing list of business relationships. Many of those new clients have connected with them via their website.

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