CASE STUDY – Dental Office Web Design & SEO & E-commerce

Ranieu Family Dental | Vancouver, WA

CASE STUDY – Dental Office Web Design & SEO & E-commerce

Ranieu Family Dental | Vancouver, WA

Who is Ranieu Family Dental?

Ranieu Family Dental was founded by Dr. Ranola, a local dentist who believes smiling should be simple. Dr. Ranola strongly believes in the mission, which is to help all patients feel confident in their smile by restoring and maintaining dental health while improving appearances so they can smile freely. 

A perfect partnership

Ichor Studios loves working with local businesses because we value the diversity and inspiration we experience in our partnerships, something that is unique to local businesses. This certainly was the case in our work with Ranieu Family Dental. Dr. Ranola is an amazing doctor and mentor to her staff. We were inspired by her drive to constantly improve her managerial and leadership skills.

Every year, Dr. Ranola volunteers her time, money, and skills to provide dental care to underserved areas of Jamaica. She and the Ranieu team provide treatment, free of charge, to people who can’t access basic dental care. 

Ichor Studios is proud to have  the opportunity to grow alongside Ranieu because of the commonalities we share: 

  • Trust is the foundation of a solid and engaging team.
  • A humble and grateful attitude is the source of happiness and fulfillment. 
  • Integrity means always choose what’s right for our clients, not what’s the easiest. 
  • Doing what we can to help the less fortunate in the world. 

We are thankful for the opportunity to work with a group of professionals like those at Ranieu Family Dental.

The Challenges

Ranieu previously used a national marketing agency that specializes in dentistry. The agency was so focused on the industry, that very little attention was given to the local, smaller dental offices. This meant that the services provided to Ranieu weren’t as good as they should’ve been, and no special attention was given to their unique brand.  Ranieu was stuck with a templated and generic website, just like many other dental offices around the world. This is when they decided to work with a local agency. 

They decided to start fresh with Ichor Studios and build a new website. Their current website had the following problems: 

  • Brand inconsistency: Random colors were used inconsistently throughout the website. We found at least 5 different fonts and button styles. We recommend using the same brand colors for consistency and no more than 2 font styles. 
  • Duplicate and templated content: We found that content on the website was copied and pasted from the previous agency’s content library. The same exact content was found in multiple dental offices’ websites. Duplicate and stock content create serious problems for online visibility in search, and its penalized by Google. 
  • An urgent SEO need for online visibility: With so many dental offices being opened in Vancouver, Ranieu desperately needed an effective SEO strategy to stand out among the competitors. 
  • The capacity and functionality to grow: They wanted a website platform that will allow them to eventually sell products online. With the old website, every single edit needed to be submitted and there was a long wait period for changes to be made. 

We were so glad that Ranieu Family Dental reached out to us and wanted to move forward with their website design project with us. We knew instantly that we are the right fit and we could make a huge difference to their online presence.

Our Solution

We built a user-friendly website that incorporates the brand colors and fonts with original content and a strong SEO and content marketing plan in place. In March 2020, we rolled out an online shop (e-commerce) capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ranieu now has a powerhouse website that not only shares what dental services they offer, but also allows their patients to order products online conveniently. 

Branded Photography

We loved Ranieu’s logo when we first saw it, so we knew they had a solid brand foundation. With the number of stock images available online and being overused on dental websites, we knew we needed to use custom photography to set the dental office apart from the rest of the competitors. We set up a 4-hour long onsite photoshoot where we took photos of the Ranieu team, office interiors, and dental products, as well as the patient care process. We know a branded photograph can be more expressive than a thousand words. We are so happy Ranieu is on board with our suggestion!

Custom Icon Sets

With a strong logo and customized branded photography, we decided to provide custom-made dental icons that can be used across Ranieu’s online platforms: website, Instagram, Facebook, Google listing, etc.

Web Design

Ranieu believes in creating an office environment that makes people feel relaxed like they are at home. It’s important that the website projects the same feel through overall voice and design. Our website designers work carefully with the client to create an amazingly designed website with lots of useful dental service page that outlines services Raneiu provides. 

SEO Strategy

Our monthly SEO services have also helped to improve their overall online visibility both in organic search results and local search. By adding well-research dental content on their website, we were able to consistently get more traffic to the website, especially the blog posts. 

Meaningful Results

We believe in providing meaningful and easy-to-understand data that small business owners can understand and remember. Though the dental industry is one of the most competitive markets for SEO, we were able to achieve great results for our client:


of tracked keywords jumped to rank on the first page for those search queries.


16k increase in impression compared to May 2019 in Google's Impression Rate


Increase In Search Visibility Score in MOZ campaign from 06.2019 to 03.2020.


Increase in Google My Business listing views on local search.

What Our Client Say

Functional Web Design Brings More Traffic, Conversion, & Revenue.

We love partnering with local businesses that are passionate about what they do. Ichor Studios worked with Ranieu Family Dental to design a website that reflected their business goals and allowed them to pivot and adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a new online shop, Ranieu was able to continue to serve their patients through new digital ways. 

We highly recommend Ichor Studios! Jennifer is absolutely amazing. Her knowledge of web design and digital marketing is unprecedented! She took our website to a new level, adding video and a modern style to make our brand stand out against the crowd! Thank you to Jennifer and the Ichor Team.

-Brittney Neblock, Ranieu Family Dental HR & Marketing Director

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