Vancouver Bolt and Supply Inc.

The Johnson family started Vancouver Bolt & Supply in 1979 to inspire the local community to build better by offering supplies, tools, and inventory management resources. Their business has endured through the years by providing quality products, unequaled service, and managing any supply problem their clients have.

The Challenges

Vancouver Bolt and Supply came to Ichor Studios, frustrated with their current website’s lack of functionality and poor usability. They needed a modern website that allowed their customers to view and order from their 20,000 product list. Their product pricing system is complex, so they wanted customers to be able to search for products, then contact the store’s customer service team for a specific quote. Their website also needed to make it easy for the team to edit and manage their extensive inventory list.

Vancouver Bolt and Supply also had a specific aesthetic they wanted to achieve that complimented their brand, using their own images. They needed a design agency to simply design and build the website. The final product would then be handed over to the company’s internal IT department to maintain, so site content would need to be intuitive to manage.

Our Solution

We worked closely with Vancouver Bolt and Supply and listened to their specific business needs. In the end, we custom-built an e-commerce platform that accommodated the company’s unique purchasing process. We also made editing, adding or deleting their extensive product list simple so that it would be easy for Vancouver Bolt and Supply staff members to maintain.


Successful Design Brings Results.

To give the website the specific aesthetic the company asked for, we used branded images throughout the site. The images – used with specific font pairings and logos – made the Vancouver Bolt and Supply website specific to their brand. The final product was fast, functional, and easy to maintain, making this a highly successful project.

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