Graphic Design

Graphic design is more than aesthetics, it’s a communication tool. Great designs connect with your audience on a deep level and reinforce the message of your brand. They help you share your product, service, business culture and values with your target market.
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Graphic Design Services Overview

A good design can be the difference between a strong message and one that falls flat. Through our in-depth creative design process, we assess every aspect of any design we create to ensure it speaks to your brand. Every color, font, or specific design technique says something in a picture, and we ensure that it’s consistent with your brand messaging. 

Logo Design

A logo is one of the most important branding investments any business can make. It’s the symbol of your brand. A powerful visual that makes a strong first impression. And over time, it facilitates brand recognition and loyalty. 

Logo Refresh

Refresh your logo while maintaining your brand integrity.

Businesses evolve and so will your logo. A successful logo design can stand the test of time. You may need to tweak certain elements to better reflect who you are. We grow and learn about ourselves on a daily basis and maybe the logo needs to be tweaked to reflect that. But we know a successful logo design means the basic element in your original logo should always be intact. 

Business Card Design

We design to impress.

A business card design can make the difference between a potential customer calling you, or not. Handing over a well-designed business card printed on quality paper will not only bring a good experience with the person you are interacting with, it will also impress them with just how professional and serious you are with your brand. 

Print Design

Now that you have a logo you love, you want to begin marketing your business. Ichor Studios helps many local businesses including restaurants, real-estate companies, dentists and law firms create beautiful print designs that stand out among competitors. From postcard design to car wraps, we can help you achieve the design results you are looking for.

Digital Design

In today’s digital economy, all businesses should have online branding assets. Sales through e-commerce and social media platforms is becoming the preferred method to shop for products and services. This is undoubtedly true especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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