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Graphic design is more than aesthetics, it’s a communication tool. Great designs connect with your audience on a deep level and reinforce the message of your brand. They help you share your product, service, business culture and values with your target market.
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Graphic Design Services Overview

A good design can be the difference between a strong message and one that falls flat. Through our in-depth creative design process, we assess every aspect of any design we create to ensure it speaks to your brand. Every color, font, or specific design technique says something in a picture, and we ensure that it’s consistent with your brand messaging. 

Identity Design

  • Logo
  • Logo Refresh
  • Business cards

Print Design

  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Thank you cards
  • Magazine or newspaper ads
  • Vehicle wraps

Digital Design

  • Custom icon packs
  • Social Media Profile Kit

We provide a wide range of graphic design services to our clients. So if you don’t see a specific project below, contact us for a quote. 

Logo Design

A logo is one of the most important branding investments any business can make. It’s the symbol of your brand. A powerful visual that makes a strong first impression. And over time, it facilitates brand recognition and loyalty. 

No Matter What Types Of Logo You Are Considering, We Are Here To Help Guide You!

Simply put, a logo is a symbol of your business. A good logo design conveys a company’s values, services, or products. Logos can be designed in a variety of ways. Here are some common logo design features.

Letter-centric logos:

Lettermarks and wordmarks are logos that use stylized fonts to illustrate the nature of the business. For example, sans serif font vs. serif font, variations in capitalization, font style, spacing and color can all communicate a message just within the font style selection. 

Our Logo Example:

Graphic-centric logos (  e.g. Pictorial Marks, Abstract logo marks, etc. )

As the name suggests, a graphic centric logo focuses on the graphic element symbols. This type of logo is an icon that represents the business. When someone refers to a logo, they’re often referencing the brand mark or symbol of the graphic-centric logo. 

Our Logo Example:

The combination mark

This is a logo that contains both letters and graphics. The graphic is often used as an icon, presented as a stand-alone brand symbol on mediums like social media with design space restrictions. 

Our Logo Example:

The emblem

Similar to a combination mark, an emblem also contains both letters and graphics, but it’s more restrictive than a combination mark. Generally, the letters appear inside the graphic. 

Our Logo Example:

Why Partner With Us?

A good logo should be memorable, interesting, and fitting to your brand. A logo is more than a pretty design. It’s your symbol. It’s what helps your business create loyal customers. In order to create a logo that will sustain the test of time, we dig deep to learn who you are and the source of your passion. Passion is the root of any business. The graphics, marketing and customer service are what make it flourish. A good logo is consistent with the business goals, values and the type of customer experience it aims to provide. 

Our Logo Design Process:

We’ll begin with a discovery session so our team can learn more about you and your business. With our creative juices flowing, we’ll gather for a brainstorm session to put all ideas on the table and begin the formation of your designs. We have certain check-points in our process to keep you updated and involved. In the final stages of the process, we’ll refine the creation and present to you. Once everyone is smiling, we’ll package up your designs so they’re ready to use. Here’s a bit more about our collaborative stages in the creative process. 

Discovery session

Think of this as a casual coffee meet-up. It’s a time dedicated to getting to know you and your business. While it’s informal and fluid, we will guide you through a series of questions that help us learn more about you. We want to know your motivations, passions, goals, and even fears or concerns. We’ll also chat about design preferences so our design team has tangible examples to reference. You can count on us to listen and remember our time together. We’re excellent note-takers, which helps to reference in the creative process. 

Creating customer profiles

Depending on the project size and budget, we conduct at least two client interviews to understand who your customers are. During this time, we’ll ask you to select your ideal customers and note why you consider them ideal. Then, we’ll guide you through a series of questions to extract information and begin compiling your customer profiles. This is a proven strategy to create targeted marketing and branding. It helps build an image of your customer so your designs will resonate with them. 

Design, refine, perfect. 

The design process isn’t always linear. That’s why we always reference our initial notes and brainstorm sessions once we complete any designs. If certain parts don’t meet the criteria, or improvements could be made, or we receive feedback from you, we’ll refine the creations. Our strategists and designers work together on all phases of the design process to ensure the fonts, weight, shape and color choices of your logo align with what we learned during the discovery session. Then, we’ll present the logo options to you and walk you through the creative process and meaning behind every aspect of the logo. 

Logo Refresh

Refresh your logo while maintaining your brand integrity.

Businesses evolve and so will your logo. A successful logo design can stand the test of time. You may need to tweak certain elements to better reflect who you are. We grow and learn about ourselves on a daily basis and maybe the logo needs to be tweaked to reflect that. But we know a successful logo design means the basic element in your original logo should always be intact. Here is a famous example logo evolution: Starbucks: 

Using our own logo as an example, we saw an evolution of the design change influenced by who we are and our self-discovery process. 

Even with our logo, we see it evolves over the years through self-discovery. 

  • 2016 Rainbow Ichor Studios Logo 
  • 2018 Rebrand – Black and red
  • 2020 Simplify – Black and gray 
Our designs are made with the future in mind. With a timeless and professional design, your brand is made to grow and evolve. If you have a logo that you love and would like to polish and make it look more modern and consistent with the current design trends, we can help you achieve that! We guide your business for future success.

Business Card Design

We design to impress.

A business card design can make the difference between a potential customer calling you, or not. Handing over a well-designed business card printed on quality paper will not only bring a good experience with the person you are interacting with, it will also impress them with just how professional and serious you are with your brand. 

An excellent business card design is so much more than just pretty cards. 

Through an effective design that’s consistent with overall brand strategy, your card design brings strength and credibility to your business. As a result, your customers will find confidence in your brand. Customer confidence can lead to referrals, which grows your business.  

You believe in your products and services. Never settle. Let us help you showcase that belief through creative design. 

We know there are other business card design options out there. Many online printing services offer various default templates. How many other businesses use that same template? 

Your brand is unique. Your services/products are not generic. We shouldn’t fit your brand into an existing design. It should always be the other way around: design to fit your business and brand. 

Print Design

Now that you have a logo you love, you want to begin marketing your business. Ichor Studios helps many local businesses including restaurants, real-estate companies, dentists and law firms create beautiful print designs that stand out among competitors. From postcard design to car wraps, we can help you achieve the design results you are looking for.

  • Postcards: Custom made postcards to let your community know about your brand and upcoming promotions.
  • Flyers: Flyers are the perfect marketing material to help tell your potential customers about your company, products, services in the most organized and efficient way. 
  • Thank You Cards: A well designed thank you card not only shows your appreciation to your clients and referral partner, but also helps retain them and foster a long-term partnership. Details matter when it comes to maintaining relationships. 
  • Vehicle Wrap: Are you a local service pro who uses a truck or van to carry all the tools you need to provide your daily tasks? We believe that vehicles are a great branding tool for people who work in industries like: plumbing, home inspections, and electrical, heating and cooling, and pest control, etc. Sharing who you are, what you do, and how they can reach you through a vehicle wrap is an excellent way to acquire new clients when you are out servicing your existing clientele.  

Digital Design

In today’s digital economy, all businesses should have online branding assets. Sales through e-commerce and social media platforms is becoming the preferred method to shop for products and services. This is undoubtedly true especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  

  • Custom Icon PacksShowcase your products and services instantly by creating custom icons that communicate to anyone who lands on your site or social media platforms. These custom icon packs help you bring your website up a notch and can also create a consistent brand feel on your social media like Instagram! 
  • Social Media Profile KitAre you looking for custom profile images with the right size and resolution? Or wanting a creative cover photo to make a strong impression when someone lands on your Google listing, Facebook, or Linkedin? We have the knowledge and expertise to get all the correct design in the right formats that you need. Never settle with pixelated or cropped images that could hurt your brand!

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