Naming: Build A Solid Foundation For Your Business.

Your brand identity is a foundational piece for your business.Who are you? What’s important to you? Who do you serve? Branding is the creative process that uses words, images and designs to articulate your brand identity and vision. Let us help you curate your brand identity and find your unique voice.
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Finding the Right Name is the Foundation of a Good Branding Strategy.

Your business name and tagline should communicate your brand message. Your business is unique, and your name and messaging should be, too. During our discovery process, we get to know you and your business on a deep level so we can fully understand your unique value and how to position you in the market. 

Ichor Studios is proud to have worked with many local businesses in the creative process of branding and naming. We know how important this is, and that having a creative team in your corner makes the process much smoother. So whether you’re just launching your business, or want to rebrand, we can help you create the right business name for you.  

Our Creative Process

We begin our journey together by meeting with you in what we call a brand discovery session. This is a time for our team to get to know you and ask a series of questions about your business that will help build the framework for your brand identity. Our time together typically consists of 3-6, one-hour sessions, depending on the size of your business. During our initial session we’ll learn more about your passion, the story of your business, ideal customers, and business goals. 

We use a research-based process to take the guesswork out of branding, and position your business to thrive. After our discovery sessions, our brand and content strategist will research local competitors and identify any words or phrases that should be excluded from our selection. We will present you with a series of name and tagline options that make sense for your business, with an explanation and outline of our entire creative process. Our team works closely with you to select, refine and finalize your brand name and tagline. 


The Story of Your Brand 

At the end of our naming process, you’ll receive a brand story document that contains all of the notes and knowledge from the discovery process. It also includes suggestions for additional branding pieces such as logo, brand voice, marketing strategy and other marketing collateral like business cards, websites, etc. This is basically your map for the next steps in your journey. 

The brand strategy document could be shared with new team members, a future marketing team, contractors, or anyone you want to gain a deeper understanding of your business. This is the story of your brand.

Why Work With an Agency Through the Process?

To gain peace of mind

It can feel overwhelming to embark on the naming journey alone. Even when business partners are involved, it can get complex and complicated. Let us help you take the stress out of something so exciting. 

To be memorable.

We’re creatives. This is our job. Let us help you choose a name that speaks to your target audience. Stand out among the crowd.

To be original.

Doing what everyone else is doing won’t work. Which is why competitor research is part of our naming process. We identify competitors and words or phrases that are overused so you can set yourself apart. 

To be smart.

A business name is more than just a few words thrown together for your business. There’s a savvy strategy behind it. We save you money and time by checking brand names with domain and social media availability before deciding on a name or buying a domain. We’ll also do our research and gather data to make sure you make a smart, informed decision. 

To embark the journey with a trusted guide.

We value the trust our clients place in us and take great pride in being able to guide our clients on their branding journey. We’ve helped many successful local businesses along their own journeys, and while it can be tough, having a skilled guide certainly makes it easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the investment for the branding strategy? We give a project bid based on the hours needed to complete the project. Our most basic naming project starts at $2000. 

How long does it take for the naming process? It really depends on the size of the project, the amount of research, meetings, market validation, etc. These factors contribute to the length of the project. 

I already have a few names I love. Can I hire you to do some market and competitor research so I can finalize an option with what I have? We are always available to be hired as a consultant for your project on an hourly basis. Check out the service page for consultancy to learn more.Or contact us today to see if we would be a good fit for your independent consultant for your project. 


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