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Everyone has a part to play to help others. Ichor's founders and the team believe in the importance of playing our part in helping other people, animals, and our planet.
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Follow Your Heart. Lead with Actions.

We believe in service and giving back. Our work revolves around local businesses and nonprofits because we believe they’re the lifeblood of any community. By donating cash, sponsoring events, volunteering our time, and offering pro bono design work and discounts, we enable nonprofits across the Portland and Vancouver metro areas to thrive in our community. We’re also helping them have a space in the digital world where they can continue sharing their missions with the world.

Do Our Part. Make a Difference.


Pro Bono Projects

Every year, Ichor selects two nonprofits with limited funding and resources to receive our pro bono services. We donate our time and skills to help them with marketing efforts like website design, campaigns, graphic design, or search engine optimization (SEO). This arrangement allows our nonprofit partners to benefit from marketing services without having to spend precious funding they could otherwise use towards pursuing their mission.

Quality is important to us, and we want to ensure the best possible partnership experience, whether this is a paid project or not. This commitment to quality is why we only can help two nonprofits a year through our pro-bono program. Our goal is to open more of our resources as Ichor continues to grow, so we can increase the number of pro-bono projects we undertake each year. We started with one project per year in 2018, and now we can help two nonprofits a year through this program.  


Nonprofit Discounts

Not all nonprofits have limited resources or funding issues. However, it’s still important that we do our part to help them succeed through our nonprofit discount. We started this program in 2019 and will continue it as long as we are in business. Nonprofits can qualify for up to 50% off our project bid as well as our hourly rate for retainer projects.  


Community Giveaway Series.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Ichor Studios decided to step up and help the hardest-hit businesses and organizations. To do that, we’re donating design services to a locally owned restaurant. We hope that action will cause a ripple effect and inspire the winning restaurant to support a local animal shelter in return. 

Our team at Ichor decided to continue this giveaway series throughout the year and incorporate it into our ongoing giveback efforts. In 2021, we hope to partner with organizations throughout Portland and Vancouver that have different focuses and missions.


We Sponsor Nonprofit Events.

Whenever an opportunity arises, we sponsor nonprofit events to help support their mission and causes.


We Volunteer Our Time.

Jennifer, our founder, believes in doing her part by donating her leisure time to volunteering. She regularly volunteers in food banks to pack food for the less fortunate. She has also served on boards of directors to volunteer her marketing skills to help nonprofits in our community thrive. The Ichor team also volunteers every year to a group event where we all come together to give back.


We Donate Cash Every Year.

Since 2017, Ichor Studios have dedicated a percentage of its annual revenue to help support local nonprofits. In December, we select three local nonprofits and then donate directly to further their missions.


We Created a Referral Program That Incentivizes Businesses to Donate.

We believe in incentives, and that’s why we created a referral program called: Happy Clients, Stronger Communities. When you refer a client that signs with Ichor studios, you’ll receive a $150 credit towards any of our products or services. Or, you can choose to donate that amount to a nonprofit of your choice, which Ichor will happily match. It’s our way of encouraging nonprofit engagement with the people we interact with daily. 

No Empty Promises. Actions Speak Louder.

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Cash Amount Donated in 2021

A Few of the Nonprofits We’ve Helped.

Throughout the years, we have supported a ton of nonprofit organizations through cash donations, volunteering, pro-bono work, or sponsorships. Here are just a few of the nonprofits we’ve been honored to help pursue their goals and missions.

Pro Bono Work • Nonprofit Discounts • Cash Donation

Nonprofit Discounts

Volunteering • Pro Bono Project

Community Giveaway Series

Volunteering Time • Cash Donation • Sponsorship

Volunteering Time

Community Giveaway Series

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