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How To Prioritize Your Marketing Budget: Web Design or SEO?

This might seem like an odd blog topic among the marketing experts. However, small business owners in Vancouver, Wa, and Portland, Or ask us this question over and over. The small business budgeting struggle is real! It’s unrealistic to think that we, as business owners, would have a marketing budget for everything we need all at once. More likely, we are all trying to figure out how to prioritize and optimize our marketing investment so we can maximize our return.    From a web design  &...

Revamp vs. Complete Redesign. What Website Solution Fits Best?

A website is your business’s online home. And much like a real home, it requires regular maintenance and upkeep to operate at its best. Unfortunately, though, nothing lasts forever. As technology advances and your business needs evolve, your website will start showing its age.  Maybe it’s looking a little outdated? Maybe it contains inaccurate information? Maybe it no longer serves your needs the way it once did? Maybe you’re just ready for change. Whatever the reason, Ichor Studios can help...

3 Essential Marketing Plans You Can Work On During The Pandemic

As the COVID-19 epidemic worsens, many businesses must close their doors temporarily. Humans respond differently to emergencies to obtain a sense of control. For example, panic buying and hoarding essential home supplies and food is a good example of people instinctively trying to do everything they can to feel a sense of security and control. Though I don’t agree with panic buying, as it puts more stress on families who are in a more vulnerable position financially, I do believe there are...

Learn Digital Marketing With Us 

Our blog is not geared towards selling our services. It is a canvas that we utilize to share our knowledge and thoughts on all things marketing: branding, web design, web development, SEO, paid ads, and more. 

SEO Office Hours With Jennifer

What and Why? A Message From Jennifer.

I have been a passionate SEO specialist since I started Ichor for a few reasons. I believe that a website should not only do a great job building trust between your business and online visitors, it should also drive traffic to your business. Optimizing your SEO does that. Additionally, the SEO world is constantly changing, making it challenging and attractive to me as a life-long learner.

Through my years of being an SEO specialist, I’ve found educational resources and learning platforms that have helped me keep up to date with Google’s constantly changing SEO algorithm.

Inspired by Google’s Office Hours

My favorite education platform to keep myself in the loop is the YouTube series, SEO Office Hours, hosted by John Muller. John is a Google Search Advocate and one of the most knowledgeable people in the field of SEO.

Once a month, he hosts Office Hours hangouts with SEO specialists from all over the world. They share their challenges and ask John for advice. I’ve loved those sessions because sometimes, I hear questions from other specialists that I didn’t even realize I had until they ask them.

Our Own Version

Google’s monthly SEO Office Hours are quite technical, which is excellent for seasoned SEO specialists. However, I feel there isn’t a similar outlet for small business owners to ask SEO questions about their businesses, especially industry-specific ones. I want to fill that gap and provide a platform for them to share their questions and struggles with their SEO journeys.

How Often?

We are testing this out by rolling out one to three office hour sessions every quarter. The session will focus on one business’ questions and last approximately one hour. Participants can choose to ask questions either via Zoom or in writing, depending on the comfort level of the business owner.

How to Qualify?

All businesses are welcome to apply. Tell us a little about yourself and your business by filling out the form at the link below. We will let you know once you are selected to be featured with us. If you don’t get selected, no need to stress. We will keep you on a waitlist!

The Cost?

It’s completely free! No strings attached. No hidden costs. When I give a presentation and analyze interesting SEO cases, it consolidates my knowledge as an SEO specialist. It’s also a welcome chance to meet and learn about more small businesses.

SEO Office Hours with a Portland Acupuncturist

SEO Office Hours | Feb 2021 Foundational Steps are Critical for Improving Site RankingRecently, an acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon, approached Ichor with questions about his website redesign and search engine results. He’d received some bad advice from other SEO and web design professionals and needed an honest opinion on what it would take to get the results he wanted.  Portland Acupuncturist: I’ve had problems with my website lately. My hosting company tells me there’s an issue with my SSL...

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