A website is your business’s online home. And much like a real home, it requires regular maintenance and upkeep to operate at its best. Unfortunately, though, nothing lasts forever. As technology advances and your business needs evolve, your website will start showing its age. 

Maybe it’s looking a little outdated? Maybe it contains inaccurate information? Maybe it no longer serves your needs the way it once did? Maybe you’re just ready for change. Whatever the reason, Ichor Studios can help spruce up your website with a revamp or a complete redesign.

While both approaches give your website an updated look and feel, they accomplish two different objectives — each with pros and cons of their own.


Our Take on Website Revamp

What is a Website Revamp?

Think of a website revamp as a fixer-upper investment property with good bones but in need of some cosmetic work. With a revamp, we’ll change the way your site looks to make it appear fresh, new, on-brand, and more appealing to your users.

These changes include uploading new logos, updating the color scheme, and replacing all existing photos with fresh stock images. We’ll also re-edit your website’s content and include up to 1,000 words-per-page of additional material if needed. 

With a website revamp, we’ll improve the overall value and design of your online home by keeping the majority of the structure in place while making significant cosmetic improvements.

Website Revamp: Scope of Work

A website revamp is more time-dependent. With that in mind, we’ll look at your current website then estimate how much time we think it will take to bring it up to our design and SEO standards.

For multipage websites with plenty of content, this typically takes about 50 hours. As we’re working on your site, we’ll track our time and let you know if we’re close to reaching our budgeted hours — though this rarely happens. 

Website Revamp Delivery

Our goal is to have your refreshed site up-and-running within six weeks.

Website Revamp Cost

$3,000 – $8,000 depending on the site’s complexity.

The pros

Reasons To Go For It!

A website revamp has several pros, including:

  • It’s cost-effective.
  • It provides a quicker turnaround.
  • It offers a refreshed look with the same user flow, which can help retain user and brand familiarity.
  • A refresh is more flexible for adding additional pages and functionality as long as the budget allows.
The cons

Reasons To Hold Back!

A revamp isn’t appropriate in every situation, however. 

  • Because this approach is time-dependent, we may need to request additional hours to complete the project. We do budget our time wisely and have yet to run into this issue.
  • This approach is strictly cosmetic and will be limited by the existing site structure.
The verdict

When Do We Recommend a Website revamp?

A website revamp works well when the existing site has a good user flow structure. That way, we can give the site a completely fresh look while leaving the majority of the structure as is. Website revamps are also an affordable solution for clients who need their website updated but don’t have the budget for a wholesale change.


Our Take on Complete Website Redesign

What is a Website Redesign?

Think of a complete redesign as building a brand-new home from the ground up. We start from scratch to construct a customized site which better fits your daily needs and completely reimagines the function and design of your original site. 

Website Complete Redesign: Scope of Work

A website complete redesign is more process-dependent. We base our bids on the number of pages we’ll build, the included functionalities, and the number of editing rounds after delivering the initial design. We don’t limit our clients on the number of edits included in each round or place limits on the amount of time we’ll spend making these edits.

If a client wants to add site functionalities or pages in the middle of a build, we’ll provide additional bids for the work that’s out of the original scope.

Website Complete Redesign Delivery

Because these projects are more involved, they take longer to complete. Our goal is to have your new site ready for launch within 1 ½ – 3 months. However, our delivery timeline is also affected by how long it takes our clients to respond with feedback and other needed information.

 Website Complete Redesign Cost

A website complete redesign costs anywhere between $7,000 – $40,000. The final price depends on factors like the number of pages and amount of useful content, the quality of existing graphics, and whether we need to create additional digital assets like images or videos.

The pros

Reasons To Go For It!

This approach benefits our clients because,

  • It involves more research and design, which creates a more customized final product.
  • The design will be completely different from your current site.
  • Rather than spending our time fixing problems, we’re designing your website the right way from the beginning.
  • We won’t be restricted by time. Instead, we’ll use the scope of work agreed to under the original contract as our guide.
The cons

Reasons To Hold Back!

A complete redesign isn’t right for everyone. 

  • It’s more expensive than a revamp.
  • The process takes more time.
  • If the client wants to add pages or functionalities not included in the original contract, we’ll have to provide additional bids.
The verdict

When Do We Recommend a Website Design?

We recommend complete website complete redesigns in the following situations:

  • A brand has changed significantly.
  • The existing site structure is poorly designed or constructed.
  • The amount of time required to revamp the website is more than the cost of a full complete redesign. Large eCommerce websites are often more expensive to revamp than to complete redesign.  
  • The client prefers to rebuild from the ground up.
Final thoughts

Two Approaches, One New Site

Whether you choose a website revamp or a website complete redesign, you’ll come away from the process with a refreshed website you’ll be proud to own.

If you have further questions about Ichor’s web design process, we’d love to talk more. Together, we’ll create something wonderful. Get started today by reaching out to us!

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