Rooted in Data Science, We Are More Than Just Another Vancouver WA SEO Company!


Navigate Law Group is a local law firm who has been a web and SEO client since June 2019. We were tasked with driving organic traffic and improving rankings for our client in Vancouver, WA with the end goal of increasing lead generation conversion.

We are now averaging over 82 qualified leads per month via the website, compared to 8 leads per month back in 2019. That’s a 934% increase in monthly qualified online leads generated through the website.

The number of keywords ranked in the top 3 positions increased from 3 in 2019 to 60 in 2023. We can confidently say the ROI (return on investment) of our search engine optimization strategy has been outstanding.


SEO Sparked a Passion That Produces Fruitful Results.

When she founded Ichor in 2014, Jennifer quickly realized the dilemma she faced as a young designer: it is pointless to design a beautiful website that no one will see.

She then taught herself how to optimize a website for SEO and started an unorthodox journey of becoming an SEO-driven designer. With a background in Economics and data analysis, SEO comes naturally to her. Jennifer enjoys researching and thrives in finding key points that others might miss.

You can expect chatting with Jennifer about SEO will be a breeze. Being a user-focused designer taught her the importance of effective communication. Instead of explaining already confusing SEO concepts with more jargon, she enjoys using simple analogies so her clients can understand, regardless of their background.

Today, you will find Jennifer leading the charge in all our SEO projects, reading SEO news every morning, and showing up at advanced SEO conferences throughout the year to further educate herself and stay ahead of the upcoming changes.


On-Page SEO: Supercharge Your Website The Right Way

Website optimization encompasses all aspects of on-page SEO adjustments involving your website. By using technical SEO, UX, and internal linking techniques, our team aims to create an accessible crawl experience for Google bots and a smooth experience for your users. In contrast to local SEO, we focus all our efforts on optimizing your website to gain a competitive edge. Regardless of the platform your website is built on, our team can help you optimize for success!

SEO Research

Accurate SEO research techniques improve the efficiency of our time and effort, which directly impacts our client’s investments and returns. From keyword research, competitor analysis, and market research, to highly technical SERP research and link analysis, we ensure our SEO strategy maximizes our client’s budget, by bringing the most valuable traffic with the least financial investment needed.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO refers to optimizing your website for both search engine bots and users. First, we make technical SEO adjustments so that your website is error-free, fast, accessible, and indexable to search engines like Google. Then, through content SEO, we ensure Google understands what type of keywords it should rank you for, which drives qualified traffic to your site. Lastly, we follow other on-page SEO strategies to keep the users on your site as long as we can with helpful content, engaging design, and strategic internal linking.

Off-Page SEO: Everything Beyond Your Website

Off-page SEO covers a broad range of SEO tactics/disciplines. By utilizing important tools and resources available beyond your website, we increase your visibility online. Ichor primarily works with Vancouver and Portland-based local businesses, so our off-page approach has a strong Local SEO focus in boosting local traffic, visibility, and brand awareness.

Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

To boost your brick-and-mortar business locally, beyond your website, we implement off-page SEO techniques to drive meaningful traffic. With methods like competitor link research and building, Google Business Profile creation and optimization, NAP citation generation, and reputation management strategy, our team is ready to help you reach your local customers!

Service Area Business (SAB)

Everything mentioned in the brick-and-mortar SEO optimization technique applies to SAB. However, SAB optimization has challenges and restrictions as Local SEO heavily relies on location proximity. Over the years, we’ve formulated a series of effective tactics to help our service area-based clients rank in many nearby cities in the Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, areas. The key to a successful strategy here is to expand local visibility without setting up any physical location. All while ensuring we comply with Google’s official guidelines.  


Mindful Practice of Efficient SEO

“The 80-20 rule shines when applied correctly in SEO. Finding that 20% of the key SEO work that will yield 80% of the results we are looking for is very rewarding work. But more importantly, it allows me to make sure every dollar that my clients invest in SEO is put to the best use possible. Maximizing my client’s hard-earned money has always been my top priority.”


Helped increase our business tremendously!

Jennifer at Ichor made our beautiful website and has helped increase our business tremendously!! We are so pleased with her work that we have hired her for another business we are partners in. We highly recommend Ichor Studios!

– Kelly Stone, New Creations USA | Vancouver, WA


Our Micro Agency Model Allows Us to Offer Unparalleled Flexibility and Quality.

Having a trusted SEO company in Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR, matters. We are a small boutique SEO agency that offers true flexibility in SEO plans. Small Business SEO services are available in one-time, ongoing, or hybrid campaign formats. Not sure what works best for you? Reach out today and chat with Jennifer directly!  

One-Time SEO Project

Our one-time SEO campaign lands between $3000 – $15,000 depending on the scope of work, timeline, and your goals. 

Is One-Time SEO Project Right For Your Business?

The truth is, SEO is constantly changing and evolving. One-time SEO projects are not a permanent solution if you want to stay ahead of the game long term. But just like everything in life, it’s not always black and white. A one-time SEO project has its place and can help jumpstart your SEO. Especially when it comes to a newly launched website. Chat with our Vancouver WA SEO specialist, Jennifer, today about your SEO needs!

On-Going SEO Retainer

Our active monthly SEO campaign lands between $800 – $3500 a month with a one-time research and setup fee as low as $500. 

Why Should You Consider On-Going SEO Retainer?

An ongoing campaign is a smart approach to staying in the SEO game long-term. Many of our clients choose this cash-flow-friendly method to test the water and see if SEO is a good solution for their business without making a sizable upfront investment. In a constantly changing SEO world, and with Google’s ever-changing algorithm, monthly engagement enables our team to be more agile in adjusting our strategy and staying ahead of the SEO curve for our clients. 

The Hybrid Approach

Our most popular hybrid approach among clients is $3000 one-time SEO retainer and a lower monthly retainer somewhere between $800 – $1500.

When Does The Hybrid Approach Triumph?

Balance is everything, and we believe that wholeheartedly at Ichor. Finding the middle ground is a very popular option with our clients. It can be an excellent solution for taking advantage of the benefits each approach listed above offers. For example, Navigate Law Group hired us in 2019 to build a single-page landing website with a monthly SEO budget that allows us to continue expanding on new websites through a monthly retainer. Our single-page website package (link) comes with comprehensive one-time SEO implementation. And with our client’s monthly commitment allows us to expand their visibility. Chat with Jennifer to build a custom plan for your small business SEO needs in Vancouver and Portland. 


Trustworthy SEO Company in Vancouver, WA 

To run a successful SEO campaign, the first step is to listen effectively. We are here to serve and understand our client’s short-term and long-term goals. It is a foundational step that allows us to strategize a plan that delivers meaningful results.  

Every client is different and we respect how involved they would like to be in the process. It is ultimately your project, and your voice matters to us. For clients who wish to learn and be engaged throughout the campaign, know that we absolutely love educating our SEO clients.

You can count on us being honest. Ichor does not have a sales team. The people who pitch SEO plans will be the ones to implement them. This approach allows us to avoid the common pitfall of overpromising during sales and under delivering during the implementation phase. From setting realistic expectations, and complying with official guidelines, to truthful reporting, we take our integrity seriously.  

What is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the process of optimizing your digital presence so that your business can rank higher among search engines such as Google and Bing. A successful SEO strategy encompasses in-depth research, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. It is a vital tool that helps Portland and Vancouver businesses grow and obtain more potential clients through search engines. 

How much does SEO cost?

The actual amount you’ll spend depends on the size of your business, your current website traffic, and your overall SEO goals. In Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR, SEO companies charge between $500 a month and $100,000 a month depending on the scope of the projects. Most of our clients pay between $3,000 – $15,000 for a one-time project, while our monthly plans range from $800 – $2500 per month.

How long does it take for your SEO services to see results?

You can approach your SEO project from a one-time, ongoing, or a blend of both approaches. Generally speaking, 6 months is a good time frame to see some notable results from our SEO efforts. During the 6 to 18 month time frame, you will see the largest gains. After that, the goal is to maintain your existing rankings while continuing to push toward the top, if you are not already there. 

SEO is an investment that requires maintenance and ongoing attention to see any sustainable results. Please be aware of this when someone tries to sell one-time packages and then promises lasting results.

What can our Vancouver, WA, SEO services do for your local business?

Like the definition above, a successful SEO strategy brings more high-quality, potential customers to your website. Traditional networking and referral-based business growth strategies might work for a certain type of business at a specific stage. But eventually, you will need a search-optimized website to help you grow. SEO lets you reach your target audience in the digital world without relying on word of mouth. The standardl goal of small business SEO is to have the business be found on the internet by potential customers who are looking for your company’s products or services. A good SEO strategy does exactly that! 


Why should I hire Ichor as my Vancouver, WA, SEO company?

We are a Vancouver, WA, SEO agency with a strong background in both functional web design and SEO. Working with us means more traffic to your website through SEO, and our thoughtful design helps convert this traffic into real paying clients. Our proven strategies give your business visibility in a sea of competition. 

From comprehensive research to understanding the ever-changing SEO landscape, Ichor’s SEO experts train ourselves to be flexible and proactive. We are specialists who are trained to adapt to new changes. This way, we can keep our clients ahead of the curve.


Do you only optimize for Google?

We don’t just care about Google. But Google is the leading search engine in the market. Did you know that 88.99% of US searches are done through Google as of 2023? From a return on investment perspective, it is in our client’s best interest for us to target the engine that has the highest user base to improve our ROI.

Can I just tell you what keywords I would like to rank for instead of paying for keyword research?

Sometimes the keywords you think you want to rank for might not be the ones that people are actually searching. This is where working with professional and experienced SEO experts comes in handy. 

We don’t charge extra for keyword research and it is a step that we simply can not omit. Everything we do in SEO can be traced back to the research and data proving its importance. Therefore we cannot perform optimally without doing our research upfront. 

When we work together, we take down what you want to rank for. Then, we conduct research based on your input but expand much deeper from there. 

Can I hire you to help me figure out what blogs I should be writing to boost SEO?

Absolutely. You’ve come to the right place. We love working with small business owners who enjoy phishing out their own content, with our guidance. Generating content is time-consuming. And costly if you hire a writer. Content SEO is about producing content that is worth your effort and time. Proper research can reveal topics with large search volumes and therefore increase your return on investment. For clients who wish to write their own content/blogs, we can provide a jumpstart strategy that lists all the highly searched topics in your industry with paired general blog structure. This way you have a data-backed blueprint when writing your blog posts. 

Do you offer hourly SEO consulting services?

SEO consulting is a great fit for business owners who want to find a trusted expert who is patient and honest regarding setting realistic expectations. Many free resources can generate free SEO audits. But being able to take that data and translate it into something digestible, and applicable to your business, is something that takes more expertise and experience. Jennifer has almost a decade of SEO experience with clients throughout Vancouver, WA, and Portland, Oregon. She will ask the right questions and help analyze the SEO reports in a meaningful way. From there, she will set realistic expectations and formulate a strategy for your business. Providing you with a clear direction on how to best move forward. 

I enjoy learning SEO as a business owner, but I am a little lost on where to start since there are mountains of free resources out there.

You are in luck! Ichor offers tailored SEO training to small businesses here in Vancouver and Portland. There are many free online SEO courses that are accessible to everyone, but not everything is relevant to your business and field. This is where we come in. We will listen to your concerns and tailor the training to you. By training and teaching the SEO techniques that matter to your field, we can save you time and money. Jennifer will audit internal processes if available, offer recommendations and hands-on support, and provide documentation outlining everything your team would need to embark on a successful journey in SEO.



Ichor treated us with respect and kindness.

We can’t thank Jennifer and Ichor Studios enough for their help in getting our first website up and running. Their creativity and professionalism made our experience working with them smooth and inviting. They’ve never made us feel dumb or that we were asking too many questions. From sending us detailed instructions to make our own updates to gentle reminders to renew our domain name Ichor treated us with a level of respect and kindness that was really appreciated.

– André M, Friends of Noise | Portland, OR


Helped increase our business tremendously!

Jennifer at Ichor made our beautiful website and has helped increase our business tremendously!! We are so pleased with her work that we have hired her for another business we are partners in. We highly recommend Ichor Studios!

– Kelly Stone, New Creations USA | Vancouver, WA


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