One-Page Landing Websites

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The Affordable & Scalable Starter Option

A one-page landing website will showcase your business and provide potential customers with the essential information they need to make a purchase decision through a single page layout. This approach allows you to build a solid foundation without breaking the bank.

One-Page Landing Website Design That Brings Results!

A one-page landing website that is affordable and built on a solid foundation that can be scaled up down the road. Not all website designs are created equal, our package ensures your one-page landing website creates a solid foundation for your brand. 

  •   No templates mean we put time & effort into creating thoughtful designs to showcase your business.
  •   Fully device responsive: mobile, tablet, desktop.
  •   Optimized for all major browsers.
  •   SEO keyword & competition research included.
  •   Research-guided on-page SEO optimization.
  •   Studio headshots

Jennifer has been GREAT to partner with! She has been able to ask the right questions to identify exactly what we really need and want to accomplish. She does a wonderful job balancing the ability to both follow our direction and leading with ideas to enhance our design ideas.
Ichor Studios has produced really high qualify results for us, and we are excited to keep working with them in the future.

– Josey Booth, PNW Loans | Vancouver, WA

Jennifer at Ichor made our beautiful website and has helped increase our business tremendously!! We are so pleased with her work that we have hired her for another business we are partners in. We highly recommend Ichor Studios!

– Kelly Stone, New Creations USA | Vancouver, WA

Why should I consider this route?

  •  This is more budget-friendly as you are not dedicating a huge amount of financial resources to the project at once.
  •  A cool way to build confidence between clients and our agency. We love to show you what we can do and earn your trust. 
  •  It allows business owners to evaluate their site. As the business grows, we can start a monthly retainer to add more pages and content on top of your landing page. 
  • Professional headshots that you can use for social media marketing

What's the cost?

The cost varies depending on the scope of work is required. Generally speaking, a one-page custom landing website starts at $3900.

    How long does it take?

    Project length: It usually takes about 20 days – one month to complete a landing page.

      What Our Clients Say

      We highly recommend Ichor Studios! Jennifer is absolutely amazing. Her knowledge on web design and digital marketing is unprecedented! She took our website to a new level, adding video and a modern style to make our brand stand out against the crowd! Thank you to Jennifer and the Ichor Team.

      Brittney Neblock, Ranieu Family Dental | Vancouver, WA

      Add-on Options

      Scale Your Website On Your Own Terms.

      Scale in Project Phases.

      The user always comes first. Our websites are easy and intuitive to navigate, which means your visitors are likely to stick around. Good user experience means that your brand and vision are clearly communicated and a much higher conversion rate!

      Scale Monthly.

      An effective on-site SEO strategy means your website is configured correctly to allow search engines to crawl and index. With time and the right strategy and implementation, search engines will start to rank you for the keywords that matter.  

      What Our Clients Say

      Where should I start? I hired Jennifer and her team to start over on my original website and they turned it around completely. I was paying monthly for a company that built the website and it all turned into a joke after I hired Ichor. They rebuilt the whole thing from scratch, it was a night and day difference! It’s now more new age and easy to navigate. Jennifer has always been available whenever I text or call for email help or whatever else I can’t figure out. Literally almost 2 years between even! I just recently needed to change an issue with my emails and she was all over it for a reasonable hourly charge. I recommend them to anyone who owns a business!
      Austin Hays, My Plumber LLC | Vancouver, WA

      Website Design Process That Brings Results

      Over the years, we’ve designed a collaborative process that allows our team to deliver a customized website that targets your ideal clients. We also provide the strategy you’ll need to make sure the right people find your new website online. Here’s how we do it:

      1. Asset Collection

      For us to work as efficiently as possible during your project, we always make sure we collect all the assets during the initial stage of the project. 

      2. Research & Interviews

      During this phase, we conduct general market and competitor research to help us better under who your audience is and who your competitors are.

      3. Design & Development

      We use collected data from the research phase to serve as a general design direction to determine important design elements like color palette, typography choices, etc.  

      4. Content Strategy & Creation

      We collect the answers we need for website development through in-person or virtual meetings with the clients.  

      5. Revisions

      Our team at Ichor loves revisions. Collaboration with the clients is where the real magic happens for us. 

      6. On-Site SEO

      On-site SEO optimization is fundamental to a successful website design process. For us, this should always be included as part of the project scope. 

      7. Pre-Launch

      Our development and quality control teams will work closely during this phase. They will follow our standard pre-launch checklist to ensure your website is error-free, mobile-friendly, and optimized for SEO.  

      8. Launch

      This is the most exciting day of the entire process. Your project is finally done and ready to be shown to the world! Don’t get too excited because there is actually a lot of prep work that goes into launching a website. 

      9. Post-Launch

      Depending on the size of your project, we include up to a week of post-launch debug, where you can share issues you might be experiencing. A one-hour website editing basic training session will be scheduled.

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